Commission Information

The Prices:

Prices are per-character, and the scale is also applied to complex backgrounds. Eyes can be shaded by request at no extra charge regardless of completion level.

  • Sketch: $5 (+ $1 for shading)
  • Lineart: $10 (+ $3 for shading)
  • Grayscale: $15 (+ $5 for shading)
  • Color: $20 (+ $10 for shading)

The Examples:

A current list of commissions is in my DeviantART gallery.

    The Process:

    This is an overview of how things should go.

  1. Contact me with your idea. I will evaluate and discuss it with you until we agree on it, or reject it.
  2. I will create the base sketch and show it to you, and make adjustments based on your feedback**.
  3. Once we agree on the sketch, you send the payment for the picture.
  4. I'll work on it up to the agreed-upon level of completion, and contact you when it's ready.
  5. I'll send you the picture. If you have any last-minute tweaks**, I'll be happy to fix it and send you the updated version.